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Kea's Story

My dog Kea, an Oorang Airedale, was diagnosed with bi-lateral hip dysplasia at 6 months and had her left hip replaced at 7 months. 

 In order to improve and maintain the right hip, I needed to find a glucosamine product that was                    complete and effective and included all the active ingredients found in shark cartilage. Even when I              found products that described themselves as "complete," they lacked joint health ingredients such as          MSM, tart cherry juice, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, boswellia extract , and bromelain. 

Frustrated with these products and their claims, I knew I had to create my own product to help Kea and all my other patients who were experiencing joint problems. 

After months of collaboration with a nutritionist, I developed DR. MOLLÉ'S JOINT REBOUND™, the most complete joint health formula on the planet. Kea responded so well that most observers would never have guessed that she had an artificial hip, and the right hip responded so well to DR. MOLLÉ'S JOINT REBOUND™ that she never needed a second hip replacement.

- Dr. Mollé

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