My dogs are picky eaters.  When it became necessary to supplement their diet for joint support, I couldn't get them to eat anything without disguising the medications in cheese or bread.  When I began using 
I followed the instructions on the label and prepared with broth and poured over their food.  Not only did my dogs eat their food, but they licked the bowl (and the spoon) clean! 

Once I was running late, so I mixed only the powder with their food -- they still cleaned their bowls!  I am so happy that I don't have to hide 
in "people" food, and the dogs don't mind, either!
-Ike, Florida
I have been taking my pets to see Dr. Mollé for several years.  He has always been the most attentive and caring vet and explains things in a way I can understand.  As my cat got older, she developed arthritis, and it was time to discuss her options.  When Dr. Mollé mentioned he was developing a product to promote healthy joints it was a no-brainer.
- Anna, Michigan

My dog, Sparky, was injured as a puppy.  As a result, stairs became a problem in later years.  I had tried all types of support products, but nothing worked.  I had to resort to giving Sparky daily doses of aspirin.  Based on the recommendation from Dr. Mollé, I tried DR. MOLLÉ'S JOINT REBOUND
.  What a difference! Sparky is ten years old, and because of Joint Rebound he no longer needs any medication at all--including aspirin.  Stairs are no longer a problem.  I always keep enough on hand because going without the product for even one day shows a considerable difference in Sparky.  The product is EXCELLENT.
- Sue L., Michigan
Dr. Mollé's Joint


Hear what our clients have to    say about DR. MOLLÉ'S JOINT  REBOUND

I am amazed and delighted by the difference I have seen in my 9-year-old dog, Zeke.  When we rescued him from the pound as a puppy, my husband and I were told that the breed was prone to arthritis and joint problems, and it has been heartbreaking to watch him deteriorate over the years.  Having used pain medications
 with some success, Dr. Mollé suggested we also supplement Zeke’s diet with DR. MOLLÉ'S JOINT 
REBOUND™.  The results have been so dramatic that we were able to slowly wean him off the prescription pain medication completely, and now we only need DR. MOLLÉ'S JOINT REBOUND
Instead of just masking the pain, the use of DR. MOLLÉ'S JOINT
has allowed Zeke to return to his bouncy self, and we no longer feel helpless in the fight against arthritis.  Plus, by no longer spending $95 per bottle on prescriptions, we aren’t forced to cut corners on our pet care during tough economic times.  I will continue to use and 
advocate for
for allowing my pet to age with the dignity and grace he deserves.

-C.L., Illinois

They say if your dog is overweight, then YOU need more exercise.  Zoe has always been an active dog, but a recent injury has kept her from her usual exercise routine.  I gave her different pain meds, but they always seemed to upset her stomach.  Dissolving DR. MOLLÉ'S JOINT REBOUND
in broth has alleviated the upset stomach, and now I can't feed her fast enough!  Luckily the product is helping with Zoe's arthritis so she can exercise again, and she has lost those extra pounds gained from being sedentary.  And so have I!
- Nick, California

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